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We moved! Come visit us at our new location: 4407 Manchaca Austin, TX 78745

Wisdom Tooth Dentist | Austin, TX | Goehring Dental

Dr. Goehring provides exceptional wisdom tooth treatment at Goehring Dental in Austin, TX. Our team has earned stellar reputations for the high quality, modern, and compassionate dental care that they consistently provide for wisdom tooth patients like you. Dr. Goehring is highly qualified to conduct thorough wisdom tooth examinations by utilizing the latest technology and diagnostic techniques to provide a detailed and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. If Dr. Goehring decides that wisdom tooth extraction is the most appropriate treatment for alleviation of related symptoms, then the patient will be scheduled for extractions. Prior to beginning treatment at Goehring Dental, Dr. Goehring will discuss every aspect of the procedure with the patient including what to do before and after wisdom tooth extraction in order to familiarize them with the overall treatment process.

Learn More about Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth¬†are another name for the third molars that are the final four teeth that come in for most people between the ages of 17 and 25 years. Dentists theorize that this third molar was necessary in the past, but is no longer as useful to us in modern day. In fact, many people’s mouths cannot accommodate the erupting wisdom teeth and this causes them to come in crooked or impacted, which can cause a variety of unwanted oral health problems like gum disease, crowding, and damaged adjacent teeth. When a wisdom tooth does not have sufficient space in the mouth, an impacted wisdom tooth and the related dental problems can typically be entirely avoided by extracting them before they can cause any problems.

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Wisdom Tooth Dentist in Austin, TX

Dr. Goehring of Goehring Dental, has been proudly serving the wisdom tooth needs of their patients living in and near the Austin, TX area. It's common for the wisdom teeth to become impacted which can cause pain and swelling of the gums, shifting or migrating teeth due to crowding, and can even cause structural damage to adjacent teeth. Dental problems from wisdom teeth can range from mild to severe, but they will never be resolved without treatment from a highly trained wisdom tooth expert such as Dr. Goehring. There are cases in which wisdom teeth settle into the mouth in a healthy manner, but there are many more instances of wisdom teeth causing problems later on down the road which could have been prevented by removing them altogether. Dr. Goehring has the experience and know-how needed to make the important decisions regarding wisdom tooth extraction for his Austin, TX and neighboring area patients.

Contact Dr. Goehring for Wisdom Tooth Dentistry in Austin, TX

You can put your trust in Goehring Dental to provide the highest level of wisdom tooth care in a caring and compassionate manner including exams and extractions. We provide all of the information about wisdom teeth, treatment options, and costs in order to help our patients make the most informed decision possible. If you would like to learn more about contact our wisdom tooth dentist Goehring Dentalin Austin, TX today!